Deception Reflection: Brickyard Edition

It happens to every single one of us – we are walking through the brickyard, a common area on campus, whether it is to go to class, to get food, to go to the library or to pass time, then someone approaches you with the intentions to get you on board with something they are associated with. It could be to get you to join a club, buy a baked good, pass out a flyer, or maybe even sign a petition, but how do you normally respond to these people?

That is, with one word, deception.

So, what does it mean to deceive? To deceive is to “knowingly transmit messages that are meant to mislead another by fostering false impressions, beliefs, or understandings or by actively concealing the truth.”

Sound familiar? You bet.

Here are the common phrases I give people who approach me with the intent to get me on board with something:

  • “I’m running late, sorry!”
  • “I’m on my way to class”
  • “I’m meeting someone”

In reality, only ¼ of the time are any of those true for me.

The reason for deception in this specific scenario is to accomplish a goal and the most common way to deceive someone in this scenario is through falsification (to make up something that isn’t true).

Deception reflection? I feel bad for deceiving these people AND I always think: Do they know if I’m telling the truth?

This blog post can give you an insight on how someone may be able to tell if you’re deceiving him or her. Here are the key points I took away from it:

  • Understand the actions and characteristics of someone who is lying: They usually speak slower and use excessive hand gestures (illustrators).
  • Split-second expressions (microexpressions) expose your emotions to your viewers quicker than you can control.

But, what is most interesting about deception on campus is the fact that it happens everywhere at all times. Check out this blog post to discover more about deception in classmates and professors.

-Taylor Trent


  2. Module 9 – Deception

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